The rainbow is a broad spectrum of ancient medicine that combines visual stimulation and emotional experience. Color has been used as alchemical medicine for thousands of years. through intention and practice i will guide you through using these vibrational healing techniques throughout many areas of your life. Color can be used in meditation, wardrobe and accessories, our home and our hair! 

The following offerings can facilitate healing with color, through the use of reiki, tarot, astrology, and intuition. 

Color Medicine Healing Aura Manifestation

session 75 minutes $108

Intuited by a hands on reiki atunement, I can sense where certain colors are needed to be dialed up or grounded in the body and spirit. 

Through reiki light and energy healing, conversation, and a little bit of astrology the seeker is invited to welcome with intention an alignment of color through their energetic body. In turn the color medicine can be used physically through adornment on the body through their clothing, shoes, hair, and in their home! Color Medicine is locked in with an Aura Manifestation photo and a prescription slip. 

To book an appointment for a Color Medicine Aura healing session, please send a payment of $118 to on Venmo, or through Chase Quickpay and in the note provide YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, and you will be contacted to schedule your appointment!

Intuitive Hair Color

 Experience the process of coloring your hair as a manifestation using colored light therapy, crystals, reiki, and tarot

TBD sliding scale price upon consultation

Commissioned Artworks: 

color healing oil painting

TBD sliding scale price upon consultation